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{Review} Statesboro Revue-Jukehouse Revival

album artworkStewart Mann and his brother Garrett have been fronting the southern rock outfit Statesboro Revue for a number of years now.  Stewart’s voice is evocative, versatile, powerful and soulful.  Garrett’s guitar playing is drenched in the traditions of Allman and Betts.  It has always provided a groovy, rollicking signature sound.  With their newest studio release, Jukehouse Revival, the Mann brothers have pushed their Revue in a more countrified direction.  It’s like a swampy honky-tonk sound that’s hard to describe exactly until you hear it.  It has elements of Willie Nelson, Allman Brothers, Skynyrd and Willie Nelson…all the while remaining entirely Statesboro.  Their set at #GF15 was a highlight. It seems as though the band has finally landed upon its true, signature sound.  It’s a potent mix of the southern rock they’ve always cranked out, but the raw, authentic elements of the best type of country music is now prevalent as well.  It’s a potent hybrid that makes the title of this record feel entirely apporporiate.  Stewart’s vocals have always been a calling card for the band, and here he is using that instrument at its most effective.  “Bedroom Floor” and “Count On Me” show a restraint he hasn’t previously mastered.  Yet, make no mistake, he can still let it fly and he does on tracks such as the Adam Hood co-write “Tallahassee” and “Like the Sound of That”.  This is the sound of a band reaching an apex.  Sit back and enjoy it.  In a crowded field of standout 2015 releases, Jukehouse Revival, stands shoulder to shoulder with the best.  It’s a grooving, honky-tonk good time put on wax.  Turn it up.


“Bedroom Floor” on The Drop

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