Spring 2004

Hey everybody!

Here we sit after our release of Galleywinter Version 2.0 and things are just great. We’ve had more and more people continue to sign up and see what the fuss is all about and it’s great! I still see a lot of you out there with zero posts in our forum so you better go and at least drop in and say hi. The site launch, itself, went great and we’re still working a lot of the bugs out so bear with us over the next few weeks as we continue to make this site exactly what we want as fans.

General Site News
We’ve recently opened up our store and are selling shirts and stickers. The response so far has been great! If you haven’t, go over and buy some stuff! It helps us recover some of the cost involved with running this site. We’ve got future plans to include some hats, beer glasses, tank tops and whatever cool stuff ya’ll want!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out any of the 20 questions I suggest you go over and browse through them. Some of the answers are hilarious! Brad has a few good one’s on the horizon including, Cory Morrow, Jason Boland and Django Walker. Likewise the CD reviews area is exploding with new reviews. And hey, if you have that one CD in your CD player that you can’t take out and you want everyone to know about it, then send us a review! These reviews are all done by us, the fans, so there is no BS behind these reviews.

Texas Tuesdays
Our good friends over at The CopperTank in Austin have started a Texas Tuesday’s concert series that we are helping sponsor. Go check out the forum titled “Texas Tuesday’s” and find out what all you get by telling them you are associated with Galleywinter. This is an awesome concert series that usually has several of Texas greatest musician’s just hanging out even if they are not playing. Future concerts will include, Django Walker, Wade Bowen, and Randy Rogers.

GreenFest 2004
Our 3rd Annual Greenfest is just around the corner! This is going to be an amazing night of music, friends, beer, giveaways and just plain old fun. Zach Witney, The Jody Booth Band, Mickey and the Motorcars, and The Lost Trailer are all going to be rockin’ out that night! Find out more by checking out the GreenFest thread over in the Forums.

Artist Talk
It seems that all the artists are busy, busy these days! Whenever one of them gets time to drop in and say hi, we really appreciate it! So be on the lookout for some of your favorites to drop in! We’re trying to schedule some chat sessions with some of them when we/they get a chance.
Randy Roger’s recorded his 3rd CD in Austin this month with Radney Foster producing. It is tentatively titled “This Time Around”. The sound is the same but with the best material he’s written yet and with a whole new band from the last record (except the lead guitar player Geoff). Randy is also looking forward to the Country Rende-Vous Festival this Summer in France, which includes Billy Joe Shaver, Kevin Fowler, CCR, Jason Boland & The Stragglers & Reckless Kelly.

Django Walker is currently working on a new album that is going to be out in the next few months. It will be produced by Justin Pollard and David Neuhauser, both of the Pat Green Band. It will feature many of the newer songs he’s been doing live lately, including “Better Piece of Mind” and “Unwind”. The sound is fairly radical for Texas Music but it is definitely the way things are going in this music scene.

Roger Creager has his new live Cd that he is recording right now…which should be coming out around September/October 2004….

A new website is in the works for Wade Bowen which is going to be off the hook!

Bleu Edmondson is writing material for a new studio CD that he will be recording in the fall. It will be done in LA with Shooter Jennings’ mgr. producing and word is that it will be a straight up rock record.

Well that about wraps up the latest things going on. We’re looking forward to the nice summer months of 2004 and hopefully getting to meet more of everyone that hangs out here!

Live it up,
Team Galleywinter

Ryan "Tank" Hargrave

I'm a husband, father, traveler, a Light in the dark, lover of photography/film and I believe that good music can change your life.

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