River Jam Artist Preview: Jonny Burke


Jonny Burke is a folk Americana singer/songwriting marvel.  Hitting stages and roads since his teens, Burke has honed his own style that is heavily in the vein of Dylan, Van Zandt and Clark.  Burke writes songs that mean something and performs them with a genuine ferocity that is hard to find.  He’s the type of musician and songwriter that other musicians and songwriters are drawn to and inspired by.  He may have problems, but writing songs isn’t one of them. Burke was unable to perform for a while and that makes each performance even more precious and vital.  Join us at his home away from home, the Lone Star Floathouse for what is sure to be a memorable set.

Performance date/time:  Sun Aug 1 at Lone Star Floathouse.

Years at River Jam:  Five

Twitter:  @jonnyburkemusic


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