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River Jam Artist Preview: Jesse Dayton

Few artists come to the table with more legitimate bonafides than Jesse Dayton.  He’s the real deal.  A hard-charging troubadour with a range of style and catalog of songs to back up his badassery.  Lead guitar for Waylon and Cash? He’s done it.  Selling out venues across the globe?  He’s done it.  Collaborating with Rob Zombie on film projects? He’s done it.  Quite simply, if it’s cool, it is Jesse Dayton.  He’s not only an alarmingly great guitar slinger, he’s a songwriter of significant talent as well.  Dayton’s live show is renowned for its intensity and energy and we’re beyond stoked to have him plying his trade for us at River Jam this year.  Come see this living legend do his thing!


RJ Tickets:  RJ Tix

Performance date/time:  Sat July 28 at River Road Icehouse.  Approx 8pm

Years at River Jam:  Debut

Twitter: @jessedayton


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