RIP Rich Caldwell

Yesterday we received the sobering news that a member of the Texas/Red Dirt musical brotherhood had tragically passed away in a car accident.  Rich Caldwell, currently running sound for Wade Bowen but a member of many outfits including being Roger Creager’s first sound guy, will be remembered as one of the best at his job.  He leaves behind a wife and young child and they need your prayers, support and love.

Wade’s set up a PayPal account and bank account to help Rich’s family with the financial burdens of grief.  Visit THIS PAGE to learn how you can contribute and read some heartfelt words from Wade about the impact of this loss.

It’s crazy, today, to think of all that we do. We spend our lives traveling away from those we love only to hurry as quickly as we can to get back to them. And we never worry about the risk. We only see the light ahead. It’s pretty brave if you think about it, especially in days like today. Late nights. Early mornings. Quick meals. Ringing ears. Hurried hugs. Goodbye kisses. Only to hit repeat and start it again the next day…all for love of the game! So many people behind the scenes that keep the wheels turning…that never get their due credit! Today you do. I am proud of all those that continuously make us all sound and look good night after night, year after year! Today I cherish my job. I cherish my family. I cherish my friends. I cherish life. And thank you to those we’ve lost that remind me of it all…today! You will forever be in my soul.-Wade Bowen


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