{Rewind} September 2004

Well we have officially passed the end of summer hump known as Labor Day – when society seems to think that summer draws to an end – but anyone in Texas knows better than that! While road trips might not be quite as abundant, there are still opportunities every single weekend – but then again, there just might be enough great shows in your town to suffice as well. Many times the biggest decision we face as we head into the fall season is how to make football fit into our established music rituals – but for some reason, I don’t even think that will be an issue. If anything, it’s just an excuse to start drinking earlier and just extend the party a little longer – if your liver and checkbook can handle it…

The Shows
Kicking off August was Roger Creager’s 3rd annual trip to Mexico. A few members of our family decided to take a break this summer and headed down to soak up the sun with some of their favorite performers. RogerCreagerFan said

Roger Creager’s 2004 Mexico Trip can only be described as 4 days in paradise and a Texas takeover of the Iberostar Quetzal hotel in Playa del Carmen filled with non-stop partying. From parasailing or scuba diving to shopping or simply laying out by the pool with a drink in hand, there’s something for everyone. An unforgettable event this year had to be the Encore of Saturday night’s concert when Roger and some of the band members came out on stage shirtless! Definitely a night that some of us will never forget.

It definitely sounds like they had a great time and I’m sure they are already making plans to be there again next year!

Also in August was the release of the latest CD by the Randy Rogers Band, “Rollercoaster”. In support of their new album, the band went out on a rigorous touring schedule and gave a lot of us a chance to catch up and hear the new album in person. They kicked it all off in College Station with what many of us called their “rockstar signing”. Randy and Brady played through the album acoustic, and once they were done we all got to line up and be the first to own the new CD’s. And of course the entire band was there to sign CD’s until everyone was happy. Ruby Tuesday was there for the show and had this to say –

it was so great to see all those people there enjoying the show and waiting in line to buy the CD!!!!!! This CD is gonna take off like a rocket and I’m so glad to finally have my paws on one.

A few days later the boys traveled to Dallas and treated them to quite a show as well. According to urprettywhenimdrunk,

the show was off the freaking hook. The boys played damn near EVERYTHING in their stable. All of the new stuff and most of the songs off of LIUTB!

And then they made their rounds to The Firehouse Saloon in Houston. Sunnychic78 was at the show and came back with a great review. Her account the next morning said

Randy came on about 1130ish and rocked the house! Brady was awesomeness incarnate, Chops is hot, Les tears it up on the drums and Geoff stunned and amazed me tonight… All the new stuff was greatness and all the old songs rocked too…

If you didn’t get the chance to see them on their run throughout the state, I can’t help but think that it’s your own fault because they were everywhere and celebrated to the fullest extent with all of their faithful fans.

One of the big parties in Waco every year is the Margarita Salsa Festival. Brad, one of our Waco-residents that goes to this every year, said this about the 2004 event –

This was probably my favorite of the Salsa Fests yet. Pat played and as always, he threw it down in the hometown better than he does anywhere else. LONG set full of all the fav’s and new ones like “Don’t Break My Heart Again (which co-writer Wade Bowen came out and sang on as he would on Atlantic City) and “Baby Doll.” Ragweed came out to finish off the night and they also played one of the better sets I’ve seen them do in quite some time. They had Stoney LaRue onstage with them the whole time. He sang “Downtown” and “Down in Flames” backed by Ragweed…surreal. Greatness.

Now that they have moved the location of the event, there is plenty of room and it’s a great party. If you only go to Waco once a year, this is the weekend to do it!

Each year Papa’s on the Lake throws a party at the end of August with Roger Creager and a few other guests as well. This year the other performers included Honeybrowne, Phil Pritchett, John Evans and Django Walker. A few of our members tore it up including rbotts who gave the following details –

“Papa’s was over flowing with Texas Music Last Night. When Roger took the stage with ‘Love’ I thought building foundation was going to come undone. Roger worked the crowd and they loved every minute of it. Roger said he new rain or shine the people would come; he said it could have been like a small Woodstock with some mud and public nudity!!

Definitely an interesting evening…

On any given weekend in Texas, you are likely to find a festival of some sort. My absolute favorite though is WestFest in West, TX right outside of Waco. This year Kevin Fowler played the event on Friday night and Bayloralum was in attendance. His review included

…the boys kicked it off with “Seniorita Mas Fina” and really got the crowd going. The cool thing about a Kevin Fowler show is that you pretty much know what you’re getting into; I’ve been to the same KF show about 10 times over the past 3 years and I ain’t complaining. The boys put on a trademark KF show! Kevin paid a lot of attention to the classics, and didn’t hit a single song off Loose, Loud, and Crazy until nearly halfway through the set. Of course, the show was closed with the Redneck National Anthem (crowd participation mandatory, of course), Beer, Bait, and Ammo, with Queen’s Fat-Bottomed Girls as an encore. Kevin may be with a label now, but as far as I can see, this is still the same KF we all know and love…

Sounds like he got exactly what he was looking for in the show, and no doubt they kept the PIVO lines busy that night!

Every fall a huge crowd gathers in Old Town Spring for an incredible day of fun at the Ziegenbock Festival. This year performers included the Eli Young Band, Wade Bowen and West 84, The Randy Rogers Band, Reckless Kelly, Charlie Robison, Phil Pritchett, Roger Creager, Jack Ingram, Honeybrowne, and Cory Morrow – a favorite of Texas Outlaw. According to him

one of the highlights yesterday was when Jack Ingram walked on stage with Cory and they did “Hank” together. Jack is a Texas legend and to see him up there with Cory, man, icing on the cake baby! This was a great show. These words cannot possibly convey to you what a great time we had. Awesome friends, cold beer, awesome music. What more could you ask for?

Another touching moment was when Ruddfan and Dancerchick’s daughter Aubrie gave Cory a picture she had drawn for him while he was on stage. He bent down and gave her a kiss and made more than a few ladies jealous. It’s moments like those that remind you that we are supporting REAL people here – not just performers.

Each Monday night Inn of the Hills in Kerrville hosts a singer songwriter night. It is hosted by a different artist each month, and featured performer in September was Brandon Rhyder. They also have a rotating guest each week to add a little bit of variety to the show. Recklessladybug went to one of the shows and said this the next morning –

The show rocked last night. Brandon was on like always and I will forever love this man. He is just simply amazing. The new stuff is unbelievable…..

So if you happen to be smack dab in the middle of the hill country on a Monday night, swing on by and see what treat is in store for you!

The Music
There were quite a few impressive CD’s released in September and a few very anticipated ones coming out in October as well…

A few of the highlights from September include:
Johnny Bush – Honkytonic – this CD, by one that could be considered a Texas Legend has gotten good reviews across the board. One of the highlights on the CD is a cover of Whiskey River that he did with Willie Nelson…

Roger Creager – Live Across Texas – Fans of the Roger Creager Band have been anxiously awaiting a live album from him for years, and they finally got their answer. And what an answer it was! Roger toured the state and recorded the album in various venues including Gruene Hall, the Firehouse Saloon, Hurricane Harry’s and the Mucky Duck. Highlights include a cover of “A Pirate Sleeps at 40” and the outtakes from the Mucky Duck – they are sure to bring a smile…

Mike Mancy – Uneven Ground – This is Mike Mancy’s sophomore release and had many fans looking forward to its release. Mike has a huge fan base in Dallas, and it is rapidly expanding as he broadens his horizons throughout the state.

Jason Boland and the Stragglers – Somewhere in the Middle – Boy howdy, people were clamoring for this one once they heard that Jason was finally heading back into the studio. It’s filled with great songs like the title track and “Hell or Bust” and gave us a studio version of one of the favorites off of the live album, “Mary”. Definitely on the must have list of CD’s…

Charlie Robison – Good Times – I didn’t hear as much about this CD before it came out, but I’ve heard nothing but fabulous reviews ever since. Some of the top picks on the album are the title track, “New Year’s Day” and “El Cerrito Place”. I’ve been told it’s one of those hidden jewels that will eventually be in everyone’s collection – but don’t wait for eventually – go get it now!

Los Lonely Boys – Texican Style: Live From Austin – A follow up to their self-titled debut, LLB decided to push the limits upward and outward with a live DVD. This band has hit the mainstream circuits as well, so when you can’t catch a show in Texas, all you have to do is pop in their DVD and get a performance to sooth your soul…

Tommy Alverson – Heroes and Friends – Tommy Alverson’s latest release has gotten good reviews as well. There is a lot of amazing talent on the album including Johnny Bush, Rusty Weir, Brian Burns, Gary P. Nunn, Mike Crow, and Ed Burleson. The first single, “Maybe in Mexico” can be heard on airwaves throughout the state and is being received very well. If it’s any indication of how the rest of the CD will be, then it is a real winner…

Looks like there are going to be 2 HUGE release dates in October. One has already passed and the other is coming up just next week…

On October 5th, Deryl Dodd released “Stronger Proof” which is his first album since his return to his Texas roots. I’m sure it will have more “Double D” fans singing along and having a good time at shows throughout the state.

Also on the 5th, George Strait released a landmark album called “50 #1’s” – if that’s not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is. He is TRULY a Texas legend at its best. He transcends the boundary between the rebels and the mainstream, and does it in a style that is all his own…

Harris and Ryden also released their H&R Live album on the 5th. It has all of the favorites along with 4 new songs to sing along to. The CD was recorded at shows in Austin and on the Big Ski Trip in Steamboat Springs, CO.

And less I be shot for not mentioning it, Blue October released an album and DVD on the 5th called “Argue with a Tree”. Quite a few Galleywinter members were at the recording of the DVD and could not wait to wrap their fingers around this one! The band has quite a unique sound and one of the most loyal followings I’ve seen in awhile. They might be a little bit out of the realm of what is considered “Texas Music” per say, but they are still highly popular, so if you’re looking for something new, this just might be the ticket.

The other popular day seems to be October 19th…

First and foremost, Pat Green’s new album, “Lucky Ones” hit store shelves amongst massive hype from his steadfast fans. Pat pulled in immense talent on this album including Rob Thomas who co-wrote “Babydoll”, Brad Paisley who is his duet partner on “College” and Wade Bowen who co-wrote “Don’t Break My Heart Again”, his latest single getting airplay around the country.

Cooder Graw also had an album come out that day titled “WAKE UP!” It’s their first album in quite some time and fans were definitely looking forward to it. If there is one thing that is guaranteed with this band, it’s that the album will take you through a lot of emotions, and leave you with a smile on your face…

And last but not least, one of Houston’s favorites, John Evans released his latest CD on the 19th as well. Titled “Circling the Drain”, it’s a prime example of the rockabilly sound the John Evans Band is known for…

The People
Ok – I am going to change things up a little bit in this section. Not only am I going to highlight things going on in the artist’s lives, but I’m also going to mention all of the great things going on in the lives of the people of Galleywinter. Because this family is made up of all of us, and there are great things to celebrate in our lives. So if something fabulous happens, shoot me a PM – I’d love to include it!

First of all, Tominchitown welcomed a little girl on August 22nd. Sara Elizabeth was welcomed to the world weighing 7 lbs, 4 oz and was 20 ½” long. Congratulations to Tom and Amy on the expansion of your family – we look forward to seeing Sara grow into the next TX Music fanatic!!

We have had another Galleywinter wedding! A HUGE congratulations is in order to Ting and Leboat! They were married in South Padre Island over Labor Day weekend amongst their family and friends. We all wish the couple years and years of happiness and joy! Love you both!

The Peter Dawson Band also recently had a great experience as they got to participate in a campaign stop with President George W. Bush in Columbia, Missouri. According to Elisabeth it went GREAT and they had fun hob-knobbing with the bigwigs. Almost had a close call with “Willie Nelson for President”, but all worked out ok in the end. Congrats to the PDB on representing TX proudly!

And the final congratulations in order goes out to Scooby and OOSheila who recently got engaged! It’s so wonderful to see two people find the person that compliments them in a way that they find the ultimate happiness in each other! Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding and the parties that will ensue…

On the Horizon
Well our resident music guru and knowledge expert has once again been quite busy this month. Brad has contacted a number of artists in order to bring you 20 ?’s with even more of your favorites. He recently posted the responses from Jack Ingram – quite impressive in and of itself. Be on the lookout for future interviews with the Kyle Hunt Band, Yellowbelly, Brandon Wayne Jones, Ryan Turner, Copperhead, and Larry Joe Taylor. As soon as he receives them he passes the information on to us – so keep your eyes peeled, these insights usually give us a unique look into the artists that other interviews fail to capture…

This weekend brings Houston one of the greatest parties of the year. Fall Fandango will be here which brings a lot of our favorites into town. Pat Green is the headliner, but the bands that will precede him that day include Gary Allan, Honeybrowne, Peter Dawson, Wade Bowen and West 84, Randy Rogers, Dierks Bentley, The Lost Trailers, Kevin Fowler, Django Walker and Brandon Rhyder. The pre-party starts at Papa’s Ice House at 11 that morning, so bring all you’ve got and be prepared to tear it down! (Obviously this is already over – just know if you didn’t make it, you missed one helluva day of music!!)

The D/FW folks should consider themselves blessed. Just about every Sunday, they get the opportunity to see an acoustic showcase that always proves to be one of those nights that you remember for awhile. The Clubhouse Concerts have recently had a venue relocation, and they are kicked off their first Sunday night at The White Elephant on Sunday, October 17th with Pete Benz and Jamie Richards. They followed up with the blockbuster of Randy Rogers and Kent Finlay, which you don’t get to see too often. This coming Sunday, the 31st, they are bringing in one of the greatest pairings within the scene – Bleu Edmondson and Stoney LaRue. I’ve always said there is absolutely nothing like these shows – they will have you laughing and singing along all night – consider it your Sunday night revival! The cost is a mere $10 and you get dinner with that too! I’ve always been told that you feel like you are sitting in someone’s living room listening to them pick for their closest friends – and we don’t get the chance to experience music that intimately very often anymore – take advantage of it while you can. For more information check out www.clubhouseconcerts.com.

There is another big party at the end of the month as well! Wade Bowen is opening for Randy Rogers at the Firehouse on October 30th. It is a rare event that we get to see these two bands together performing full sets, and any time the opportunity presents itself – you need to do everything you can to get there. These two bands are electrifying and get the crowd going like no other can. And a big plus – you can celebrate my birthday with me – what else could you ask for?!?! LOL…

And last but not least, clear your calendars for November 13th – that is the date of the 2nd Annual Galleywinter BBQ! I can’t even begin to tell you the stories that came out of this one last year – but I would rather shoot myself in the foot than miss this one again… It’s at Casa de Ward in Livingston, TX and Threecurl and Outlaw are cooking for us. Just bring your poison of choice with you, and some food to share, and you are good to go. It’s seriously something you will not want to miss… Look for details in the Parties and Roadtrips forum…

Good times, good friends, good music – life doesn’t get any better than this…

See ya where the music is playin’!


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I'm a husband, father, traveler, a Light in the dark, lover of photography/film and I believe that good music can change your life.

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