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Randy Rogers Band Celebrates 10 Years!

Ten years ago this week a college kid with a nontraditional voice, a beat up Martin guitar and a handful of songs transitioned from playing open mics at the hallowed Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos to performing with a full band each Tuesday night. Kent Finlay had been impressed with the young man’s songs and determination over the course of months of songwriter night acoustic performances.
That young man was Randy Rogers. Finlay promised Rogers that if he could round up a band, he could have his own night at the club to hone his skills and put together a full band show that would showcase Rogers burgeoning songbook. Crowds were small, but rowdy at first.

Soon, word spread throughout the Southwest Texas State University campus that this new band was a must see. The early RRB was a far cry from what you see onstage today, but there was something in Rogers’ songs that had people buzzing.

Crowds grew right along with Rogers ability to work a crowd and spin pre-song yarns that captivated the room. It wasn’t long that the band began booking gigs outside of San Marcos and through word of mouth they began the long climb to what they have become these ten years later.

We would like to congratulate the Randy Rogers Band and all it’s members past and present on the fantastic contributions they have made to Texas/Red Dirt music. Here’s to the next ten…or forty!

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