What I’m Diggin’- Brandon Rhyder

*This is the first in a new feature we hope to bring you a lot more of in the future and as we get closer to releasing v 4.0 of Galleywinter soon. It’s called “What I’m Diggin’ “. It’s a showcase of whatever a certain artist is into at the moment…it could be a song, band, tv show, movie, or recipe…or all those things. You will hear it straight from the horse’s mouth as they say. Brandon Rhyder is one of our featured artists this month and he kicks us off!

Right now I’m really digging entertaining… obviously from the stage, but also from another place… mi casa. We moved the whole fam damily north of Austin during the summer of 2008.
Wanted to get out in the country a bit. Raise the kids around the scorpions, tarantulas and rattlesnakes my wife tells me about every time they see one. Get a place where we could stare out the back windows and not see another house. You know every man likes to whiz off his back porch from time to time… sorry if that was too visual Wink

We also wanted a house on one level. Kids love stairs and aren’t afraid to become Superman, if you know what I mean?

Since we moved in I’ve entertained many different people for both fun and business. I love to cook and I love to create new recipes and try them out on my guests. We have a Bud Light fridge and a wine fridge and fresh meat in the freezer so most people don’t seem to mind being my lab rats. In fact they usually ask when they can come back, which usually means their belly’s approve.

I have a big fire pit out back and we’ll roast marshmallows and let the kids run around. Reminds me of being a kid and running to get my papaw a cold beer. It just simply relaxes me and these days I’m really thankful when we can slow things down a bit and enjoy the lighter side.

You dig?

-B Rhyder

Brad Beheler

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