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{Off The Cuff} “A Country Band from Texas Picked Me Up at Graceland” UPDATE

Back in June, I did a photoblog/journal of a trip I had to Nashville. While along the way, in Memphis, our group ran into Georgie. Georgie was a super cool girl “on holiday” from London bouncing around the U.S. all by herself. To read the entire original story, Click Here.

Well, fast forward about eight months and Georgie is heeding the call of Texas and moving here! She landed in Texas today amongst our rare snow storm and is setting about building a life here. When I think of everything Texas Music, Galleywinter et al has done in my life…nothing’s bigger than the relationships it has created in my life and the lives of many others. Just speaking of people I know personally, this music and state has called people to it from: Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, Maine, California, Utah, Tennessee, Maryland…and now Europe!

These moves are a testament to the passion and compassion shown by the fans, people and bands that make up not only Texas Music…but our entire region of Texas and Oklahoma. Spread the love folks…karma is real!

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