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{Nutrition at MusicFest – part 2} Keep it “Lyte”

The white powder of Steamboat Springs, CO is calling your name! Current conditions are looking great for the MusicFest this January! Forty inches at the base & 127” total (Ski Report for Steamboat Springs: http://www.steamboat.com/mountain/mountain-conditions.aspx)

Will you ski or go for the board? Whatever you do remember to ditch the Bud Light and stick with electrolytes! If not, you may be leaning towards the 3 o’clock bonk instead of watching Jack Ingram freeze his toes off on stage or catch a sighting of Elvis dashing down the slopes.

Fact: skiers sweat, too. Unfortunately when the temps drop below freezing it is:

  • questionable whether your brain is functioning well enough to remind you to drink
  • hard to remember to drink anything beyond Irish Coffees
  • and let’s face it, water freezes so it loses its appeal in the form of ice!

Yes, I realize it sucks to peal out of your layers, but it’s better than feeling horrible the rest of the night and into the next day!

Fact: You need to hydrate on the slopes!

Top 10 Ways to Hydrate for the Slopes:

  1. Drink before you leave. Try to gulp or slam a bottle back before you ever leave your condo. 12-24 oz would be ideal.
  2. Carry it with you. If you are boarding your clothes are so baggy you can fit a bottle or two. Ski bunnies will have a bit of a challenge. Opt for a Camelback or ski pack to hold your water.
  3. Eat more fruit. Fruit actually has a large percentage of water; so if you stop off for a snack, choose fruit for hydration & of course they taste great!
  4. Warm up with hot tea. Teas are loaded with antioxidants that will support muscle recovery, so you can hit the slopes hard the next day. Plus, it may be easier to convince yourself to hydrate with something hot over ice cold.
  5. Choose electrolytes. Potassium & Sodium are too elements that are lost with sweat and need to be replaced. Choose sports drinks such as Cytomax, Gatorade, or Powerade to replace your lost electrolytes and rehydrate.
  6. Chug after each run. The runs can be long, so be sure to stop off at the water spot to slam back at least 2 cups for each long run. If you’re sticking to the short runs a single shot is perfect for each run.
  7. Skip the carbonation. Although a carbonated sports drink seems appealing or shooting down a can of coke may sound refreshing they are detrimental for athletes. Carbonated beverages can cause gas, bloating, and gastric distress. You may find yourself feeling sick instead of refreshed!
  8. Energy drinks & sports drinks are not created equal. Athletes need actual calories for energy, not a dose of caffeine or herbs. Plus, they are often carbonated! Stick with the basics: sports drinks, coffee, & fruit and you’ll tap into more energy!
  9. Don’t trust your senses. Thirst is not a good indicator of hydration status. By the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated and you’ll need to sit and drink to make up for it. Drink out of habit to stay ahead of the game.
  10. Hit the water hard when you finish. It’s tempting to rest your bones & soak your muscles in the hot tub after you ski all day; however, be sure you take down at least 24-48 oz with you when you do it. Hot tubs also make you sweat, and you will feel worse the next day if you fail to rehydrate your body. What are the words of wisdom after you get a massage: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

If you are an advanced skier and choose to hit the Black Diamonds or go down the backsides choose a sports drink such as Accelerade or Endurox for recovery. Regardless of your level of skiing it is important to hydrate and refuel before, during, and after you play on the slopes. Your body will handle the long night of drinking & partying when you do.  Sports drinks make a great hangover recovery drink, too!

I’m happy to answer any questions regarding sports nutrition, just ask.

See you on the slopes~
The Roadie Nutritionist™

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