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{Nutrition at MusicFest – Part 1} Twinkies and a MusicFest

The buzz around town is that you can lose weight on the Twinkie Diet.  And it’s true.  Yes, you can lose weight consuming only Twinkies…if you keep cutting calories, no matter what the source of energy you can lose weight. But wait, before you ditch your greens and pack up the box of Hostess snacks for Steamboat Springs, CO and The MusicFest, note that you may not feel great sustaining yourself on the little yellow cakes and frosting.

–>Yes, a month out and I’m already loading up my snack packs for Steamboat!

Professor Haubs from Kansas State University tested the theory that the quality of the calorie does not matter when your ultimate goal is weight loss, and he lost 27 lbs in 2 months.  Please note that he also cut his calorie consumption down from 2,600 to 1,800 calories per day.  That’s a net loss of 800 calories, which is like skipping 1-2 meals per day or simply passing up the taco salad from Taco Bell or burger and fries combo from McDonalds.

On the flip side…

Can you sustain yourself on that diet for long?

Will you feel good screaming down the Colorado powder on nothing but Twinkies?

And if you do lose the weight, how do you plan to keep the weight off…on Twinkies & a diet coke?

Fact is, if you eat 15 calories (that’s equal to a grape or a sugar cube) more than you need to in one day that equals 1.5lbs of weight gain per year.  If you continue this pattern for 10 years that equals 15lbs!  Subtle shavings of calories matter, too.

And let’s be honest, quality calories go a lot farther when fueling for the slopes or late nights of partying at the MusicFest.  You will feel more energetic and ready for an evening or rowdiness when you fuel up beyond Twinkies.  So before you pack up boxes of Hostess Twinkies for Steamboat Springs consider these alternatives:

  1. A cup of Campbell’s Healthy Select soup (any flavor)
  2. Apple with 1 Tbsp peanut butter
  3. Chobani Peach Greek Yogurt
  4. Bag of Sea Salt & Vinegar PopChips
  5. Handful of almonds

Which will you choose to fuel up on at The MusicFest…a Twinkie or a food that doesn’t have a shelf life of 10 years?

See you on the slopes~

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