{New Braunfels} Video: GREENFEST 14

GREENFEST 14 It’s no surprise that GREENFEST 14 was an incredible day, it was put together by people that love what many of us love; good music.  It’s been a week since it ended, and I still have nothing to say other than WOW.  As good as many previous years have probably been, GREENFEST 13 was my first year to attend.  My friends at Galleywinter asked me to help promote the event and I was more than happy to, but once the day was upon us I did what I always do, went into low-budget photography mode.  Here’s what my iPhone and I saw that day, I hope you were there, if not I hope you’ll be there for the next one!

visit the link below for an extended edition of the video: http://www.musicofnewbraunfels.com/2014/08/video-greenfest-14.html

Brian Strickland

Brian has turned a lifelong love of listening to and making music into a passion for promoting live music. You can find his blog at http://www.musicofnb.com or on Twitter @musicofnb

3 thoughts on “{New Braunfels} Video: GREENFEST 14

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  • August 14, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    Where was DINGS? Where was Rita Ballou? Rumor has it she was in New Braunfels the day of Greenfest and DID NOT show up?

    Scandalgatefestapalooza 2014 right there…

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