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Justin Frazell Returns

After being off the air full-time for far too long, our old friend Justin Frazell has recently returned full force to the morning airwaves of Dallas-Ft. Worth courtesy of 95.9 The Ranch. Stream his show online , follow him on Twitter (@JFrazellShow), or drop him an e-mail howdy.

On a personal note, I’ve been lucky enough to see Justin work his magic in the studio and it’s refreshing to have someone who truly loves the music back on the air and in the trenches with us. Justin’s ear for new talent is superior and he’s been a springboard to up and comers for a decade. With the loss of Mandatory FM and Shayne Hollinger from our airwaves, anytime we can get one of the good guys back on the radio fighting the good fight is a victory for lovers of Texas music everywhere!

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