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{Brad's Corner} June 2015: Comfortably Numb No More

{Brad�s Corner}

The past few years I’ve drifted, almost subconsciously, away from focusing as intently as usual on lyrics.  Melodies and guitars began to overshadow the words of the songs I dug.  I attribute this to my children coming in to my life and a bit of boredom and complacency with much of the music I’ve been hearing.   Sure, I still heard lyrics and even reveled in them from time to time…but they weren’t hitting home like they were previously.  Recent life events have caused lyrics to find their way back home into my heart and soul.  It’s funny how the circumstances in which you hear a song can have such a gigantic impact on your interpretation of the song.

Songs that once meant nothing more to you other than you knew they were good, now find a place in your psyche.  They say the things that your brain or heart are  unable to get out on its own.  Other instances are kind of like reuniting with an old friend.  Music is magical in that way.  It’s cliche, but it truly is the soundtrack to our lives.  Triumphant at times, mellow at others, somber when needed and grounded assurance when required.  Thanks to modern technology we are easily able to make a playlist to fit any mood without having to swap out records, cassettes or cd’s.

This ease of listening makes at times makes our listening habits less intenful.  The simplicity and overwhelming volume of media at our fingertips can be a staggering mountain that causes us to sometimes give up before we get too far down the road.  On the flip side, the button-push nature allows us to program our exact mood and experience.

As I’ve noted before, like many others, I was a melody kid, guitar riff/beats teen, lyrical twentysomething, combo early 30’s.  I enjoy it all for different reasons, but lyrics are the only things that stop me in my tracks.  I might think “Man that’s a great guitar solo…” or “that’s a sick beat…” (TSwift holla); but lyrics are the only thing that cause double takes, endless rewind listens, driveway sitting listening sessions and a direct connection to life experiences.  I can’t tie a guitar lick to a memory or dream; but you can bet your sweet bottom dollar that there is something inward that tethers an identifiable lyrics with reckless abandon.

So as I embark on this latest musical endeavor, I will be biting in to the words and swallowing them into my soul as a continuous bridge between what has happened, what might and what true emotions make us feel.  I encourage you to do the same.  Dig the music, live the lyrics.

-About a month ago Hogleg encouraged me to pick up the guitar again and pour myself into writing, both the journal type and the songwriting type.  It’s been more therapuetic than ever.  I can’t thank you enough for that nudge and the advice you’ve given me lately and for inviting me into the fold all those years ago.

-Spotify fan or not, it’s been extremely beneficial in my recent re-immersion in music.  I’ve probably made about 5 new playlists just in the last week that make the the greatest DJ in the history of my car.

-Joey Gallo is the truth.  Am I right?

-Summer festivals shaping up nicely, of course Greenfest 15 is top of mind.  But Margarita and Salsa Fest just rolled out their best line-up ever:  Randy Rogers Band, Ryan Bingham and William Clark Green.  That’s beyond solid.

-Haley Cole crushed the Bowen Classic and will be at GF15.

-The rain has put a crimp in my golf game worse than my slice.  Hope to rectify that soon and avoid flood waters and snakes.

-Still praying for all the folks impacted by the terrible flooding we’ve had in the region.  Such a sad state of affairs.  Drought to flood in a day.

-The Walther family is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen.  RIP Lennon.

-Traveling to Minneapolis-St. Paul next month, the week before GF.  Have a good idea of what I’m getting into (Dawes and Lone Bellow!) thanks to mi amiga IndySkyMusic,  but always up for recommendations!

-This month’s recommended record:  Shinyribs – Okra Candy.  We’ve made several posts about this record.  I’ve been knee-deep in a Shinyribs shakedown of all 3 records lately.  “Donut Taco Palace” has gotten the hype, but there is much more than that earworm groover.  “Red Quasar”, “Dead Batteries”, “Baby What’s Wrong” and “The Longer It Lingers” jump to the top of Mr. Russell’s best.

-“Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.” – Mark Twain

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