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Greenfest Artist Preview: Nick Verzosa


Nick Verzosa is a songwriter in the smooth, intelligent mold of a Max Stalling.  Don’t let the smoothness trick you into missing the grit that populates some of his songs and lyrics.  Nick has a way of crafting songs and delivering them in packages that are multi-layered…just like his singing voice.  Adaptable, flexible and always fitting the song.  Nick Verzosa has the type of songs and show that are the perfect complement to an afternoon spent next to the Guadalupe River with your friends…lucky for you, you can do just that at #GF15!

Greenfest Tickets:  http://greenfest.preferredfan.com/

Performance date/time:  Sun July 19 at Lone Star Floathouse.  Approx 5PM.

Years at Greenfest:  Debut

Twitter:  @NickyTheFlip


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