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Greenfest Artist Preview: Larry Hooper


Larry Hooper is the type of songwriter who’s work is criminally unheralded.  He flies under the radar, yet that does not and should not diminish the impact his music has.  To borrow from the piece Brad contributed to his biography, “Larry Hooper is a songwriter of great depth, quality and renown. His lyrics radiate with a realness few others can come close to reaching. His intelligent wit is matched by his generous spirit and infectious humor.”  Drew Kennedy adds, “Larry Hooper is smart, witty and kind, both in person and in song—a combination that is rarely found in music today.  I’m a fan.”  Essentially, Hooper is an artist balancing many things in his craft and doing it well.  He’s been a friend to this website and many members of the Galleywinter community at large for a number of years and we’re thrilled to have him back on the Greenfest bill.

Greenfest tickets:  http://greenfest.preferredfan.com/

Performance date/time:  Sun July 19 at Lone Star Floathouse.  7PM.

Years at Greenfest:  2

Twitter:  @Hooper

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