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Festivals Highlight a New Year in Texas Music

Spring and summer are generally regarded as “festival season”, but there’s been a trend over the last decade to showcase Texas Music in exotic locales both cold and hot around the first week of the new year. Of course, the most prestigious and well-known is Dickson Productions MusicFest in Steamboat, CO taking place January 4-9. Be sure to follow all the action from the Galleywinter crew and others by checking out our continual Twitter (www.twitter.com/galleywinter) updates live from Steamboat 24/7. We will also work on grabbing some video and audio from the proceedings.

Additionally, there are two other musical experiences going on simultaneously…
Producer of the best festival inside the Texas border, Larry Joe Taylor annually takes a mini-version of his namesake fest aboard a cruiseship the same week Steamboat is going on. This is an opportunity for those artists that were not included on the Steamboat bill to get some exposure and an opportunity for Texas Music fans who enjoy warm weather to get a nice music-centered vacation in the books at the start of the year. LJT’s Coastin’ and Cruisin’ sets sail for the tenth year this week.

Lastly, icon Jerry Jeff Walker has been inviting his fans down for an annual pilgrimage to the island hideaway of Belize for many years now. Jerry Jeff’s Camp Belize that lasts from Jan 3 through Jan 10.

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