Dear America



An open letter to our great country from Josh Grider.

Dear America,

You are the family member that I sometimes wish did things a little different. The one I feel free to pick on, but jump to defend as soon as someone else does. The one I just can’t help but love, and know that I’m lucky to know. I was blessed to be born, and grateful for the opportunity to raise my sons within your borders. I have seen your small towns and big cities, your bestand your worst, as I’ve driven from sea to shining sea playing my songs. I know that my ability to do this came (and still comes) at a great cost to those who serve under your flag…our flag. I am forever indebted to those men and women. I wish you a Happy Birthday today, and many more to come!

As Robert Earl Keen said…”heeeey baby, it’s the 4th of July”!

I hope you have a great one everybody!

Have a great one everybody!


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