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Dan Adams’ Bloodline


Dan Adams has been one of our favorite discoveries of the past couple years.  DA has a cool project going on right now.  His old college buddy Brian Panowich recently wrote a novel called “Bull Mountain” – which was released nationally in July by New York publisher Penguin Books.  So far,  the book has sold over 25,000 copies and is on its way toward bestseller status after just 2 months on shelves.

Brian asked Dan last year, ahead of the book release, to write a “soundtrack song” for the book as a companion piece…the same way movies have a soundtrack/theme song.
The tune Dan  came up with is called “Bloodline” and was recorded at Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals last fall!  Yes, THAT Fame Studios.

He played it acoustic at Greenfest this year and knocked us out. They are in the process of kicking off some cool cross promotion with the book and the song and have several big things in the works for both.

Here’s what you need to know…there are currently two versions of “Bloodline”.

The rocked out, full band recording went on sale at iTunes and Google Play TODAY!

The stripped down, acoustified version we are giving away for FREE via a Soundcloud download.

Here’s the Soundcloud page to listen to the acoustic version and download it for free:


Here’s a link on my site with more info on this project, as well as links to buy the full band version.  Check it out!


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