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Christmas Music – Why do we hate it so much?

I’ve seen a ton of tweets and status updates about how much people loathe all the traditional Christmas music. And 2 years ago I was right there with you. It’s like every song is dripping with honey and if we get someone popular singing them, it just feels all wrong! Probably becuase I know that they took some check, sang a song and that was it. They’d probably never put that in a concert.. or at least that’s how I feel

But 2 years ago, Dustin Kensrue, released a Christmas album that renewed my faith in Christmas. I started digging around and found that there is actually a lot of really good stuff out there. So this year at the suggestion of Brad, we loaded up The Drop with great Christmas music and the response has been overwhelming. And along the way we’ve even uncovered some artists that are recording new songs and sending them to us to add. It’s been great!

As someone that has, in the past, hated Christmas, I’ve noticed that finding music that speaks to me during this season helps remind me that there is something larger at stake during Christmas. So, I would love to hear what your favorite Christmas albums/songs are. One cool thing a friend of mine is doing, is a Musical Advent. Some of it is silly, but most are great picks and you should check it out.. it has a great variety of musical style: Predictably Me

I’ll leave you with my absolute favorite find of the year. I stumbled across this video in a random search for a song of the same title. What I found was Sean McConnell singing a song that he wrote himself about a modern day Mary & Joseph. And according to Sean.. he’ll be singing it at a few shows!

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