Chris King Heads to the Bowen Classic

In a very hotly contested race, Chris King emerged the winner of the 4th Annual Book the Bowen Classic Event.  Over 5,000 people voted and the early lead was held by Dolly Shine and Dan Adams.  King remained consistent throughout and withstood a strong, late charge from former winner Josh Grider.  Kylie Rae Harris held her own among the boys and showed that there is a desire to see more female acts on these sorts of bills.  King campaigned smart and hard.  He will represent the field extremely well and we hope to see everyone in Waco on June 1st to support King and this great event.  If your favorite didn’t win, thanks for participating.

  • Kylie Rae Harris – 13%
  • Zack McGinn & Wesley Hall of Dolly Shine – 12% 
  • Dan Adams – 10% 
  • Zane Williams – 4% 
  • Jeff Whitehead – 3% 



**Sidenote–King, Grider, Harris, Adams, and Nate Rodriguez can all be seen at Greenfest14!


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