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{Review} Josh Grider and Drew Kennedy: Live at Main Street Crossing

There are few artists I know as well as Josh Grider and Drew Kennedy. I’ve been lucky enough to have been a fan since their earliest moments as performers in our state. I’ve seen each of them play dozens of times in all manner of settings from backyards to listening rooms to living rooms to […]

{Review} Ian Noe – Between the Country

Cut from the sonic cloth of Tom Waits, John Prine, Colter Wall and Bob Dylan, Ian Noe adds some Appalachian flavor to his music to make it authentic, genuine and vital. Over the past few years, Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers have both emerged from the same viewpoint, but neither of them ever quite captured […]

{Review} Sean McConnell – Secondhand Smoke

Sean McConnell is an anomaly for our music scene.  A Massachusetts bred folk singer with soul overtones that connected to Texas via writing appointments with Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers.  The Hold My Beer connections fostered some tremendous songs (“In My Arms Instead”, “If We Ever Make It Home” among many others) and it also […]

{Review} Kevin Galloway – The Change

When you possess one of the greatest, most unique and powerful voices in music it can be difficult to find your own sound and style.  Thankfully, Kevin Galloway discovered what his true style during his Uncle Lucius days.  With his debut solo record, The Change, Galloway has refined that sound, tamped down the jam-bandy aspects, […]

{Review} Amanda Shires – To the Sunset

Fearless. That’s the first word that comes to mind upon listening to Amanda Shire’s fantastic new record To the Sunset.  It’s a word that returns to your consciousness throughout this masterful collection of songs. Unbound from genre, burdened with expectation, fulfilled with artistry.  Shires’ evokes firebrands of all types throughout the ten tracks.  Echoes of […]