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{Review} Bobby Duncan- Faith, Hope and Everything Else

Bobby Duncan is one of the brightest new voices on the Texas scene, and with good reason. His new album,¬†Faith, Hope and Everything Else, produced by Walt Wilkins showcases a fresh take on the lovelorn stretches of Texas Music mined by the likes of Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen. Much like RRB’s watershed¬†Rollercoaster¬†album, this record is rooted in the arc of a relationship complete with sweet beginnings, comfortable togetherness, and a crushing end. This romanticized storyline in a sense gives the entire record a concept feel.
Duncan’s voice and songwriting join together to create a sound that has hallmarks of Adam Hood and Ryan Adams, most notably on “Changes”, but throughout the entire record. Wilkins’ production on this song is full of the groove and restraint that Adams showcased best on the Heartbreaker album. “Should I Give Any More of Me” continues the Adams’ trajectory in both musical and lyrical content, yet it seems to lean back on some of Brandon Rhyder’s best work with regard to melody and phrasing. An insanely catchy and excellent tune. “Still Don’t Have You” is the classic please come back to me song. Classic country lyrics are overshadowed by some overbearing harmony lyrics in the chorus.

“What’s On Your Mind” is a great confessional song that you’d find at home on an old Jackson Browne record, with the harmonies now locked back in the background and an extremely tasty guitar solo from Christopher Lugo. “Waiting To Hurt” is a breakup song set to the beat of a modern rock song accompanied by some more fantastic guitar work from Lugo. The trip through the chronicled relationship wraps the album with “Losin’ Someone” a groovin’ southern front-porch type of jam with the great hook of a broken hearted troubadour (“I guess findin’ your way, takes losin’ someone”).

The maturity and life experience displayed on this album certainly counters the mere 22 years that Duncan has spent on Earth. Much like the legendary albums and artists referenced in this review, Duncan has a good handle on lyrics that speak to your heart and melodies that stick in your brain. He’s an old soul, with a poet’s pen, an impressive list of influences, and an A-list supporting cast of musicians (including Brady Black and Corby Schaub) that help him pull of one of the great recorded triumph’s to be released in Texas this year.

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