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{Brad's Corner} November 2018: Reinventing the Needle

{Bradís Corner}

What do you say when it’s over?¬† Don’t know if I should say anything at all. So goes the plaintive statement at the heart of Clint Black’s classic “Better Man”.¬† And it kind of sums up the headspace I find myself in lately with this music scene.¬† It’s not the first time either.¬† Nothing has […]

Charlie Robison Will Remain The Life of the Party

The mandolin burst out of the busted speaker¬† like a semi going¬† a little too fast and passing you on a two lane road.¬† Just as that truck shakes the windshield and vibrates the steering wheel, the voice of Charlie Robison singing about his buddy back in ’81 shook me.¬† It was unmistakably different, undeniably […]

{20 Questions} Austin Meade

Austin Meade is one of the most exciting young artists coming out of Texas today.¬† He’s got a rock n’ roll sound with a poet’s lyrics.¬† It’s a nice mix of styles and dynamics that is making Meade one of the top young draws of “the scene”.¬† Mentored by Cody Canada and baptized in College […]

{Review} Kevin Galloway – The Change

When you possess one of the greatest, most unique and powerful voices in music it can be difficult to find your own sound and style.¬† Thankfully, Kevin Galloway discovered what his true style during his Uncle Lucius days.¬† With his debut solo record, The Change, Galloway has refined that sound, tamped down the jam-bandy aspects, […]

{Review} Amanda Shires – To the Sunset

Fearless. That’s the first word that comes to mind upon listening to Amanda Shire’s fantastic new record To the Sunset.¬† It’s a word that returns to your consciousness throughout this masterful collection of songs. Unbound from genre, burdened with expectation, fulfilled with artistry.¬† Shires’ evokes firebrands of all types throughout the ten tracks.¬† Echoes of […]