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Over the years, we have documented at great length the contributions of the singers, songwriters, producers and musicians connected to the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  However, a recent conversation led me to try and discern the folks who have created the greatest impacts without playing an instrument.  Thus, this feature was born. They say it takes […]

{Brad's Corner} October 2019: Costumes

{Brad’s Corner}

Perspective.  It’s what just about everything is based on in this life.  What’s new. What’s good. What’s old. What’s bad. It’s all a matter of opinion…and perspective.  Sometimes things can shade our perspective and we can be tricked. In Sociology, they talk about the different selves that human beings showcase depending on the circumstances surrounding […]

{Brad's Corner} September 2019: Leaning on the Music Through the Grief

{Brad’s Corner}

Grief.  It’s a part of life.  It’s the part that reminds us how good the living part truly is.   I first encountered grief on a major scale when the Cruella DeVille that lived in the biggest house on our block left antifreeze out in dishes scattered throughout her yard to poison any stray cats or […]

Favorites from Kylie Rae

Favorites from Kylie Rae

In the wake of tragically losing an artist in the prime of their career, it is a normal thing to introspectively turn inward and analyze their work through the new lens of grief and loss.  It’s a bittersweet exercise, that I’ve found can also be comforting.  Hearing their voice reminds us that they’re never gone […]

Kylie Rae Harris Is Singing With Angels

Kylie Rae Harris has gone to sing with the angels. She was quintessentially Texan. Talented. Brash. Fun. Passionate. Beautiful. Our hearts are broken. Kylie Rae Harris tragically passed away September 4, 2019 as the result of a car accident in Taos, NM. Cody Canada famously sang, “bad news travels faster than any good news that […]