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Bowen MusicFest 2019

One of the coolest things to emerge from the entire Texas/Red Dirt independent scene has been the notion of giving back in a grand way.  Early on, this scene of music adopted an ethos of giving back and playing benefit charity shows at a rate you just don’t find in other music scenes.  There have […]

There’s Still Magic at LJT

Ten years ago I was in the middle of my two decade stint as an annual LJT devotee. The one set not to be trifled with or missed during the entirety of my first half of LJT domination was that of Rusty Wier.  I have written about Rusty many times over the years.  He was […]

LJT 2019

LJT is nigh upon us once more.  For twenty years it was my home each April.  Now, I stand on the sidelines like a proud coach and watch all the crazy college kids following in our footsteps.  I personally retired from LJT a couple years back.  But, Galleywinter remains a presence on the grounds. We’re sending our photographers out there […]

{Brad's Corner} April 2019: Horses Ain’t the Only Thing in the Back

{Brads Corner}

If Billy McFarland taught us anything it’s that the paradigm of hosting a music festival in 2019 isn’t what it was in 2009, 1999, 1969 and so on.  He taught us more than that, but as someone who helps throw a very minor music festival, that takeaway from the Fyre Fest fiasco was astounding.  He […]

{Brad's Corner} March 2019: The Sun Shines on The Dreamers

{Brads Corner}

The sun shines on a dreamer Shines a light on you when you listen to your heart The sun shines on a dreamer Shines a light on you through the dim, through the dark -Wade Bowen   Ain’t it funny how music works.  More so than any other artform it is a conduit of emotion.  […]