Jack Barksdale (Podcast style)

At Galleywinter, we pride ourselves on sharing music from promising new artists that we think you’ll dig.

At age 12, Jack Barksdale is about as young and up and coming as it gets.

It takes all of 30 seconds watching Barksdale play guitar that you realize there’s something different about this kid. There’s no G, C, D campfire strumming to his style. It’s guitar slinging, a beautiful melodic fit of chicken pickin’ and slide playing that would make Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson smile.

But Jack Barksdale is more than just a guitar phenom. He’s first and foremost a songwriter, and one that takes that moniker seriously. While many of his peers are worshiping pop stars and drooling on smartphones, Barksdale holes up in his bedroom, studying his idols Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Lead Belly. Talking music with Jack you quickly see how present he is in this world. He’s an observer, and can feel the beauty in a melody or appreciate the tragedy of a sad song. His insights almost pass as wisdom, which is ridiculous considering he’s only known two presidents in his lifetime. Still, you can’t help feel there’s a gentle, old soul expressing itself through that young, soft-spoken voice.

While Barksdale is has only begun what looks to be a promising journey in music, this isn’t his rookie year. Since age 9, Jack has busked in The Stockyards, turned heads in Luckenbach, put out an EP (Revival), a live album (Live From Niles City) and released a handful of singles. He’s also shared the stage with the likes of Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bruce Robison, Hayes Carll, and Verlon Thompson. Not bad company.

Recent additions to his quickly accumulating resume include his own YouTube show, Guitar Slingers and podcast, Jack Barksdale’s Roots Revival.

Last week, Jack invited us to stop by the podcast and turn the tables. So we hopped on it and decided to parlay the podcast takeover into our famous “20 Questions” segment.


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