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You Love/Hate That Album…Go Review It!

We love to help spread the word about an artist, but often don’t know how to do it. The best way is always to go to the show, tell the venue (email, facebook, twitter) how much you enjoyed it, and buy some merch if you can. But what else is there?

Venues, labels, management, radio, booking agency’s and investors all need to get an accurate picture of an artist and sometimes even their fan base. I believe that reviews (on LSM, iTunes, Amazon) are going to be major players in conveying how good/bad the albums are. We, as fans, need to step up and give an accurate portrayal of what an artist accomplished, or didn’t, with a record.

You can read through reviews and KNOW that people are genuinely touched by a record. And with most places, you can’t rate it unless you buy it so there is a measure of accountability. If something was horrible… go say it. If it changed you… go say it. If it was just OK… go say it (hint: that’s why they have 3 stars).

What I propose is that at the first of every month we all take some time and go back and review the albums we’ve bought (even in the past years) from Lonestar Music, iTunes, Amazon, etc… You can do it at work, at home or even while you’re… um… “taking a break”. Most sites are mobile friendly and in some cases like iTunes you can rate right from the app.

Lets not be lazy fans… let’s do a little work for these guys that put their soul into music. I know it’s hard to write, but lets push past that and just throw even 10 simple words down as if you’re talking to your best friend about it.

It’s important. Let’s do it. We start today!

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