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Why River Jam?

When Hogleg retired, he wrote a blistering treatise that everyone should read. There is one part in particular related to the name change of our festival.  Greenfest lasted for 16 years in various iterations. George’s, Antone’s, RRIH, The Phoenix, Momo’s, Coppertank and more.

We put on 16 festivals in the name of one guy who showed up to one of them in all those years. You can’t help but question, “What the f**k am I supporting here?”

So we look forward.  Our event has always been as much about the hang and the people as the music.  Once we permanently relocated the festival to New Braunfels from Austin the name Greenfest became a hindrance. It was confusing and often misspelled as Gruenefest.  Understandably. As we rebranded and relaunched, we thought…what’s a simple name that encompasses the vibe of the weekend?  We tossed around several ideas, but one of the first thrown out was River Jam and it just stuck.

We celebrate songs, musicians, relationships, people, spirit, freedom, the water and good times.  We’re showcasing music in various forms in various locations…all surrounded by rivers.  I hope you’ll come jam with us.  See what it’s about.  This isn’t a New Coke type deal.  This is a let’s get back to the basics of love situation.


Fri July 28–Red Shahan at Cheatham Street Warehouse
tickets:  https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1490966/

Sat July 29–Josh Weathers, Prophets & Outlaws, K Phillips, Haley Cole, Austin Gilliam at River Road Icehouse
tickets: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1487476/

Sun July 30–Josh Grider, Jonny Burke, John Baumann, Austin Meade, Clayton Landua, Ryan Turner, Jackie Darlene, Nate Rodriguez, Kensie Coppin, Jade Patek and so many more at the Lone Star Floathouse.
FREE—but bring that cash.

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