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Where have YOU been?!?!?!

Texas Tuesday’s at the CopperTank in Austin have been a huge success! What better way to break up the work week than to point yourself towards 5th street and cut loose on Tuesdays. Besides all the local Austinites we’ve had Galleywinter folks come out from Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and even from the great state of Arkansas! So you want to know why you should call in late to work Wednesday morning and make the run down to the CopperTank?

This is an awesome place to set the computer keyboard aside turn off that MP3 player and listen to some real LIVE music and talk to your fellow members of Galleywinter face to face. After all this is why we created Galleywinter to be… A launching pad for friendships, road trip partners, and being able to recognize the person you’re standing next to at a show.

With the lineup so far including Bleu Edmondson, Wade Bowen, Django Walker, Zach Witney, Robert Henry, etc… it really doesn’t matter what Tuesday you decide to come out, just do it. Smile There has been everybody that is somebody show up on Tuesday’s to support their friends, you just never know who you’ll turn around and see there. Django, Bleu, Cory Morrow, Stoney LaRue, Randy Rogers and others are all regulars in coming out and watching the music and talking to everyone there. And the best part, is that it’s free to all Galleywinter members. Just tell the guy at the door that you’re with Galleywinter and he’ll let you right in! No Cover!

Just reading the reviews every week will get you excited about this event! If you get a chance browse over to our Texas Tuesday’s Forum and check out the events to come as well as past show reviews and upcoming roll call’s to see who all is going to be there. A big thanks to Patrick from the CopperTank for giving us this music every week, setting everything up, booking the bands, and partnering up with us to get the word out about the bar and the music.

Obviously, as Galleywinter is a sponsor of this event, we want it to do well and want everyone to come out. But promotion aside, the things I’ve written here aren’t about a sponsorship or “business”. It written from the side of the stage I watch from. You won’t get a more fun show anywhere with more artists in attendance. There is no backstage, there is no “in crowd”, there are no “passes” or “laminates” to get you to the VIP room, or the artists aren’t throwing their gear in a truck trying to get out of there to find a hotel room. It’s just music and friends in their purist forms.

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