{What’s Going On} Wade Bowen – Revisted

Wade Bowen – Revisted and Live @ The Firehouse this Friday

Wade Bowen and the guys are coming out with a new album in the coming months and are continually cranking out the jams. His Firehouse shows are legendary and a huge one is coming up this Friday. We were able to revist and revise some of the questions from our last 20 Questions and check this pulse of the band before the take the stage. Check out the short interview…

So, the last year has been quite the busy one for you and the band. What are the 3 coolest things that have happened? The 3 worst things?

1. Getting married
2. Having Bruce
3. Finally, finishing the record I’ve been working on for a year!!

1. Not getting this record released during 2005
2. Having to leave my family for the road! It’s so much harder than it used to be!
3. My grandmother just passed away

Y’all have a big gig at the Firehouse in Houston this Friday night. Describe what it’s like to play there. Is it one of your favorite venues? Let’s keep our fingers rossed that the ‘Stros pull it out or you’ll have your hands full entertaining some depressed folks!

The Firehouse has always been one of my favorite places to play. The people that go to the Firehouse go there to listen to music and party their asses off. That’s what makes it so fun. No matter how big or small the crowd, you know there will be people up front enjoying what you do!

Those of us that have heard the new tracks either at album previews or at shows notice a considerable leap in maturity and depth in the songwriting. Was that a conscious move or did it just happen organically?

I think there are a ton of answers to that question but mainly, I think it stems from just simply trying so very hard to make this the best record I’ve ever done and putting that pressure on myself. I put a challenge in front of myself and tried everything in my power to make it happen. Plus, I’ve learned a lot over the past few years from having great friends and family and listening to what EVERYONE has to say!

The band has undergone some transformations over the last few months adding Brooks Robinson on drums and Matt Powell on guitar. How is all of that working out? I’ve noticed at the shows a bit more of a free flow jam band type atmosphere at times. Is that directly related to their addition or you gaining more experience onstage and in front of audiences?

I think it all truly depends on the crowd now and what they are giving to us. That is all a show really comes down to anyway, what is the crowd doing and how can we play off that? Sometimes I’m in a really weird mood where I don’t want to talk much…just play. Other times all I want to do is talk. You just really never know with us. The entire band really compliments that side of me and doesn’t get frustrated with it. They understand that part of me and use it the best they can to put on a show for people. This is all very important to everyone in this band!!!!!

What’s on the horizon for you and the band?
A NEW RECORD!!! I love this time of year because we start to gear up for my favorite time of the year. We have the rest of the year to promote our single, our new record and get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then we will be in our regular routine of New Year’s Eve with Stoney and Ragweed at Saengerhalle, Hangover’s Ball New Year’s Day at the Wormy Dog, and then off to Steamboat Musicfest! To me, all of it is reward for a year of hard work!!

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