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Wanna Play LJT?

This year will mark our 15th year to attend and 7th to sponsor LJT’s Texas Music Festival in some form or fashion.  We’ll be cranking up our annual Ultimate LJT Giveaway and other LJT craziness very soon!  In the meantime, the Taylor family has created a cool way for new artists to jump on the LJT bill with their inaugural songwriting contest.  LJT has always revolved around songwriters and this contest is no different.

They are seeking out amazing new talent and to be considered, you must submit a quality original recording (video or mp3) to them by Feb 28.  To enter submit your recording to LJT@larryjoetaylor.com some time in the next 7 days.   The complete release and details are below on the poster.  See you at Melody Mountain!


One Response to “Wanna Play LJT?”

  1. Cross your fingers for me.

    I’m gonna make McClure sponsor me. I’ll steal a sticker from him or something.

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