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Walt Wilkins new album – “Hopewell”

CD Release party at Waterloo Ice House – Saturday, February 25, 2006, 10 PM | $5 | 6th and Lamar – Often compared to John Steinbeck, one of the great writers of our time, Walt Wilkins is not your ordinary songwriter. He is a painter of words who uses guitar strings like paint brushes and his “sun-drenched” vocals (as the Nashville Scene wrote) as a canvas to convey his stories, observations, road journals and lessons on life. This year he proudly releases his fourth album, “Hopewell”.

“I had an amazing and busy year,” says Wilkins who produced eight other CDs in the past year in addition to his own. “My new album, Hopewell, is not so much an artistic statement as it is about the journey that my family and I made back to Texas this past year from Nashville…” Get the rest of the story HERE.

CD Release party at Waterloo Ice House
Don’t miss Walt’s CD Release Party for Hopewell!
Saturday, February 25, 2006, 10 PM | $5 | 6th and Lamar

Get an exclusive sneak peak at Walt’s new CD “Hopewell” only on

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