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Very Superstitious Songs

With another lovely Friday the 13th upon us we were inspired by the Randy Rogers Band who posted Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” to their Facebook wall to post a little video of our own. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s incomparable cover of the classic Wonder song. What other songs in the Texas Music canon cover the unlucky down and out situations and people appropos of a Friday the 13th?

Here’s a few we came up with.

Chris Knight -“It Ain’t Easy Being Me”
This oft-covered tune details the battle to reconcile who you are with who you want to be. A struggle that’s complicated when you’re out of luck.

Randy Rogers Band -“Last Last Chance” 

When you’ve got one foot on the gas and the other in the grave it’s hard to do things right, right, right.

Drew Kennedy-“Caroline”
It’s hell when you fall in love with the wrong twin sister.

Ryan Bingham-“Southside of Heaven”

The wandering troubadour’s down on his luck even in a crowded bar.

What are your favorite down on your luck tunes?

4 Responses to “Very Superstitious Songs”

  1. I’ve Had Better Days.. Cooder Graw! And Breakdown.. Ragweed.

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  2. i agree with breakdown, but also “Enough rope”- Chris Knight, “Finger on the Trigger”- Bleu Edmondson

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  3. I hope this doesnt get my galleywinter membership revoked, but i have never seen the Stevie Ray cover of this song. Love the Stevie Wonder version.

    Good answers by Dan and Hallie…I thought of Undone by REK and of course Down and Out by RRB

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