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{Up and Comer} Barnhill and Josh Langston

You heard it here first folks! That’s right. Many of you have been saying to your friends “I heard about them on Galleywinter” when a new artists come up in conversation. It’s what has helped Galleywinter grow as well as our entire music community. With so many styles of music out there ranging from honky tonk cowboy music to straight up southern rock and everything in between, our kind of music has a lot to offer. Which is exactly why we have this Galleywinter feature. We like to expose bands and artists who are on the way up and let you decide. Suggestions are always welcome if you hear of a band that is on the way up. Which brings us to our next edition of Up and Comer. This time around our two featured artists are Barnhill and Josh Langston.

Barnhill, fronted by Stacy Barnhill, is currently in the studio working on their debut album. Originally set for release on April 1, 2005, Barnhill decided to push it back to leverage the expertise of producer Merl Bregate. Bregate has produced a number of national artists as well as some of the bigger names on the Texas scene. As far as Barnhill goes, they have only been together for 5 months but have had a run of pretty good fortune since the start. Opening for Honeybrowne and Aaron Watson for their first two shows only a week apart has helped them hit the ground running so to speak. Stephen Gay, Eric Wilt, Jamie Kruger, Don Crider and Stacy Barnhill currently make up Barnhill. Crider is a seasoned, experienced and very talented steel player who has played with several mainstream country bands during his career. But don’t let the twang of a pedal throw you. The rock leaning country style that attracts most fans to more well known bands on the scene now is part of the appeal of Barnhill. To find out the rest, you’ll just have to download the tracks we have available for them. “Nights Like This” and “Up From the Bottom.” Be sure to check out Barnhill’s website at www.barnhillmusic.com

Josh Langston’s first effort “Walkin’ Away” is worth a listen. Available now on his website www.joshlangston.net for only $11.50 (including shipping) it’s quite a deal. Especially when you consider the price makes each song less than a dollar. But what does Langston have besides an inexpensive CD and a website? Talent and heart that shows. “Walkin’ Away” grabs you from the beginning and is one of those albums that makes you sit in your car in the parking lot running idle until the song is finished so you don’t miss anything. Well at least it was that way for me. As Langston wouldn’t have it any other way, this album has had the extraordinary talents of Milo Deering and Jeremy Watkins lent to it. If that’s not reason enough to see a show or buy the album then maybe these tracks will convince you. While I can only put up two tracks, I’d love to put the whole album up for download because it was so hard to choose which ones. Available are “Inmate 1928” and the title track of his album “Walking Away.” Be sure to check out his website for tour dates.

These two artists are great Up and Comers and we are proud to feature them at Galleywinter. Go catch their shows, buy their CDs and merch to keep them on the road for everyone to enjoy. I know when I come home to Texas to visit, I’m going to try to catch shows of both of these guys if I can.


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