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{Off The Cuff} The Loss of a Great One

There’s a lot that I have lost to get what I have won… Jamie Wilson

This week the music scene lost one of the greatest fans it has ever seen in Shawn Mohr. I met him a few years ago through Galleywinter as we were going to shows and eventually we slowed down long enough to talk and hang out. He started joining our crew up in Steamboat, coming to the acoustic shows and would drive the miles for the bands he loved.

He never needed twitter, facebook or a website to show his passion for music.. he just let it speak for itself and influenced everyone he was around. And I’m posting it here on GW as a reminder that this music is powerful. It’s bonding. My and Shawn’s only common bond was this music… this site… these people. It’s so much more than words on a page or sounds through The Drop. It’s life.

Big smile, huge heart and a giving spirit was what made Shawn who he was and my only regret is that I didn’t hang out with him more. Never forget that we have no guarantees in life and we should all take the advice of one of Shawn’s favorite musicians, Sean McConnell and “Sing it like it’s your last day.” There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Shawn did this every single time.

I miss ya buddy.

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