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The Grammy’s…

Hip-hop culture seems to be the dominant music of the moment. From television commercials to clothes to the top of the charts, you can’t get away from it. This past weekend at the Grammy’s hip-hop was front and center as the big winner’s of the night were Outkast. Over the past few months, they along with Black Eyed Peas have pushed the boundaries of what rap music can be, what music can be period. Their triumphant and memorable night was in direct opposition to what many know of this artform. The moon to their sun, in my opinion, was 50 Cent. Not only did he go home empty-handed, he displayed his total lack of class in storming the stage and interrupting Evanessence’s acceptance speech for Best New Artist. As if this genre of music didn’t suffer enough when Toby Keith cut “I Wanna Talk About Me”, they will never gain full acceptance and respect until they consistently deliver great music like Outkast and downplay the thug hype of 50 Cent and his peers.

Cross Canadian Ragweed has a new record coming out in a few weeks called “Soul Gravy”. Sounds like a psychadelic album title from the late 60’s or something a senile old woman would say. I heard Ray Wylie Hubbard told Cody Canada that if the Ragweed boys didn’t use that title, he would. But, if Ray Wylie used it, wouldn’t it be “Redneck Mother Gravy”?

A bunch of big Mardi Gras celebrations will be held in the coming weeks, with a number of Texas/Red Dirt bands participating. I hope the performances don’t get too out of hand because I’m sure it’s hazardous to play guitar and throw beads at chicks simultaneously. I can think of only two artists that could probably get it done: Cory Morrow and Kevin Fowler. They’ll just have to be sure and borrow Doug Moreland’s “Show Your Boobies” guitar.

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