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The Gospel According to the Wylie Lama

Presented without edit from Ray’s FB/Twitter feed.  We think it’s brilliant.

hey you kids get off my lawn:

#1: hey young bands, don’t use in/ear monitors at a club. it looks stupid. quit it. you ain’t bon jovi.
#2. ok especially txreddirt bands..if you gonna steal a riff and write a song, don’t make it as obvious as ‘stranglehold.’ jeez.
#3. don’t say your influence is townes and then write metaphor deficient mid tempo trite singalongs..leave that to me.
#4. don’t do walk/on music at a club gig. its hokey. cut the sound off for 3 minutes before you go on so the crowd can’t compare you to other bands (that are better than you)
#5. right now maybe having tasty guitar chops isn’t as important as being on the tx music chart but someday it might be all you have and will come in handy.
#6. even at some gigs if you think of me as an old whore still turning tricks..you need to know i ain’t faking it.
#7. when in a music store and you want to try out a guitar, plug it into an amp..don’t ask if they got a mirror.
anyhow if you are a young band these are meant to be suggestions only..but if you jump out of an airplane with a parachute..its suggested you pull the rip cord.

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