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{Off The Cuff} The Coolest One Man Band You’ll Ever See

I must admit that I’ve seen so much music that at times I become jaded and feel like I’ve seen just about everything.  I was in a rut just like that recently when someone e-mailed me a clip of a guy named Eagle Eye Williamson performing at Gruene Hall.  They told me it was the most awesome one man band they’d ever seen.

One man band I thought….”I’ve seen one man bands before and they tend to be lame.”

But, something convinced me to open the link and venture to YouTube.  A few mere seconds later I sat mesmerized as I watched this guy with Hunter S. Thompson glasses, a scraggly beard and stringy hair fiddle with a complex set of instruments surrounding him.  I was intrigued as I watched him adjust his pedal board and I wondered what would happen next.  He was starting to lay into an extended groove that sounded as if it was being created by a four piece band.  He paused for one more adjustment, then all of a sudden…it was one of those goosebump inducing musical moments.  Pouring out of the speakers was a soulful voice that was equal parts Gregg Allman and Robert Plant’s lower register.  Below is the video I was forwarded…I’m sure you’ll feel the same way I did after you watch it.  Below that video is a short film about Eagle Eye’s life and art.

Eagle Eye Williamson’s Website


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