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The Coast City Line – Spring Acoustic Show

On this Saturday Feb 27th, I’m going to a concert in a 1930’s dancehall in Columbus, TX where 6 of the best musicians I know will be playing. I asked each one to play for many reasons and I wanted to share a very personal one for each with you. I hope it intrigues you to come check out the show… It’s going to be incredible.

The Coast City Line Spring Acoustic Show – Info and tickets ($15)

Jamie Lin Wilson – “The Wildfire”
Jamie’s writing and singing is a wildfire burning out of control. If you get close enough, you’ll be engulfed by it and forever carry the beautiful scars of her music.

Drew Kennedy – “The General”
His presence commands the respect like that of a seasoned general that has fought and won many wars. When he speaks, people listen. When he sings… people are moved. We will follow him anywhere he leads, even into the unknown.

Screamin’ K Phillips – “The Unbridled”
A wild horse, running loose among the tame. A concert with K Phillips leaves you feeling like you’ve kissed death a few times and yet walked away. You never know if he’ll bring the lyrical depth or rip his shirt off mid song. Mostly it’s both.

Owen Temple – “The Author”
Owen will make you feel. And there’s no way around it. From the first word out of his mouth to the last note on his guitar, he will draw you in, take you on a journey, and leave you feeling like you just lived someone‚Äôs life. No one is a storyteller like Owen… no one.

Chris King – “The Burdened”
Chris wakes up every day with a burden on his heart to write and sing about things you never knew should touch your soul. His words are like poetry and his sound is a giant ringing bell that wakes you from your dead monotonous slumber.

Courtney Patton – “The Truth”
If every song that Courtney sang happened to her, I’d imagine that she’d have lived a thousand lives. Yet, everything that comes out of her pen and through her lips makes you believe that she lived it. That kind of truth in a song is rare and will touch every person that has ears to listen.




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