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Summer Sounds

Texas Music definitely goes through seasons. Festival season, winter season etc. The summer season is the time when things kick into a higher gear. Outdoor shows under the stars and floating the river make New Braunfels and similar locales a true destination musical experience.

What’s your favorite Texas Music summer experience?

4 Responses to “Summer Sounds”

  1. No specifics from me, but I’m a big fan of the hot summer nights in Texas. I’d love to go to a show from 9PM to 2AM on a hot summer night. With SMART songs. I don’t want to hear beer songs that late in the night. I want GOOD songs that are saying something. Displaying true emotion, recounting important experiences, or telling thought invoking stories.

    I’ll need to go to a few of those this summer..

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  2. TX MusicJim June 1, 2011

    a few summers ago I stood outside the dancehall in Lucenbach and listened to Stoney Larue, Walt Wilkens, Bruce Robison nad the great Rodney Crowell play an acoustic song swap gig. Priceless, I hope to have another oppurtunity like that soon.

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  3. Vinny The Shark June 2, 2011

    Braun Brothers Reunion.

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