Steamboat – It’s just day 1

Cell service is completely blown up here in the mountains so I wanted to do a quick recap of tweets I wanted to send out yesterday. There’s a reason that we all spend the time and effort to come to a music festival 20 hours away from Texas, and Day #1 here is the living proof that you just can’t see this kind of schedule anywhere else. Words can never accurately express exactly what happened, so I’ll just list the shows and you can imagine how great it truly is. If you’re not up here… start saving and planning for next year now!!!!!

We started the day at an outdoor concert with Max Stalling and then made our way over to a songswap with Jamie Wilson, Liz Foster and Blacktop Gypsy starting things off there. Next up was a round featuring Cody Canada, Willy Braun, Joe Ely & Will Kimbrough.

A short walk away found us catching Sons of Bill and Jason Boland & The Stragglers. We wandered into an acoustic show with Micky Braun that just happened to have Roger Ray on Dobro… all in the room jumping in to play or watch Micky were Matt King, Jason Eady, Cody Canada, Sons of Bill, Matt Skinner, Gary Braun, Ed Jurdi & Dustin Welch! Great, great show with like 20 people watching.

Another short walk for Uncle Lucius and Band of Heathens, who had Kevin Welch and all The Trishas on stage at one point, to round out the night.

I have no idea how day 2 can live up to that but I know it will. And I’m promising no more updates like this, but I’ll try! I’m already exhausted!

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I'm a husband, father, traveler, a Light in the dark, lover of photography/film and I believe that good music can change your life.

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