Stand Behind Your Work

We booked Javi Garcia & The Cold Cold Ground for GreenFest this year so I hit his site today and realized he blogs too. The following is his latest (athough it’s 2 months old) and I love it. Seriously.. I want to print it out and hang it on every wall. Get dirty and make something cool…. this guy is coming to GreenFest so everybody else better bring their A game. Fans included.

I get really pissed off when hear writers complain that writing is hard. Or when they say “writing has been hard lately”. Of course it is fucking hard. it’s writing. It’s work. It’s art. It is supposed to be fucking hard. Go sail a fucking sail boat.

Art is not easy. It is not some goddamn walk in the park. Or a jerk off.

And here is a little advice. Do not concern yourself with a room full of pricks. They will always try and eat you alive. Your only defense is to stand behind your work. Shove it down there throats till there necks swell and they choke with there own neckties.

Now go get to work.

time is weary for a craftsmen who cannot demonstrate his craft.

Check out Javi Garcia & The Cold Cold Ground on his website

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