South By Social Round 2

Another day of SXSW has passed, which means another batch of tweets and status updates from our crew and others at the festival.

8AM-“If you haven’t seen Hayes Carll play recently, please do. He’s picked up some swagger along the way. Blew me away yesterday.”-Christina Maccini

10AM-“Am I gonna see green skinny-jeans today? Or is that not hip? I’m trying to learn all the SXSW rules, forgive my ignorance.”-Adam Odor

2PM-“Somebody somewhere is setting “kmagyoyo” as their password for something right now.”-Mike Ethan Messick

5PM-“Took a combat nap.  Time to head back out there SXSW!”-JP

8PM-“If when I get older, I lose my sense of understanding, don’t ever let me mozie to the front of the crowd. I don’t belong there. Thanks.”-Deric Garza

9PM-“1,000 people just sat through an hour of Wanda Jackson hoping to see Jack White…no dice.”-Chris Mosser

10PM-“I’m having more fun than you tonight.  It’s just getting started.  Uncle Lucius at 2AM.  House party!”-JP

12AM-“Just tried to sneak into Widespread Panic at ACL Live at Moody Theater. DENIED!”-DG

12:15AM-“However, totally just snuck in to Antone’s!”-DG

2AM-“No time for tweetin’, party time!”-Jason Isbell


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