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South By Social Round 1

So, SXSW is in full swing now and several of Galleywinter’s finest are out among the hipsters and the crowds soaking in tons of live music.  Here is a recap of our favorite tweets and status updates from our crew and other folks.

10AM-“SXSW all day and night.  This could get loose…we’ll see.”-Jon Paul “Hogleg” Long

1PM-“To me, SXSW is the weekend when all my favorite Austin bars won’t let me in.”-Brian Keane

2PM-“Jack White playing on the street corner…yeah, SXSW is pretty badass.”-Keith Moody

3PM-“Apache Dive at Swan Dave…you know, me and Ryan Hargrave just kicking it with Adam Duritz.”-Ryin Jones

3PM-“Basically all of your favorite acts will be at Peckerheads tonight for the KVET Roadhouse show… I will be there also.”-Drew Kennedy

4PM-“Free Firefly Vodka at Swan Dive and Hayes Carll … This could get dangerous.”-Dan “Bama” Bateman

4PM-“KMAG YOYO, I’m watching Hayes Carll.”-RJ

4PM-“Hayes Carll is a salty m’fer”-JP

4:30PM-“Well Hayes Carll rocked it! Now waiting for Jason Isbell to bring the heat.”-Ryan “Tank” Hargrave

5PM-“‘”I’m gonna play another new one, because shit… They’re working! As soon as they don”t, it’ll be ‘Outfit’ all night…-Jason Isbell”-DB

7PM-“Rocking right into the Trishas…and it isn’t even dark yet.”-RH

9PM-“Parking on 8th & Trinity: $15, Entry into Maggie Mae’s: $10, Finding out you’re in the wrong venue: Priceless! Headed to S Congress instead.”-RJ

10PM-“Just wandered into a private Gibson party and one of our posters is on the wall! That is awesome.”-RH

12AM-“Musicians: skilled and seasoned are two entirely different things. Dale Watson and his band are both.”-Charlie Stout

1AM-“I hope Skinny Jeans aren’t an airborne illness or anything. God help us if it is. God help ME if it is. Ready for that trend to pass, sxsw.”-DK

1:30AM-“Reasons not to turn in early? Jerry Jeff Walker just came in to celebrate his birthday with us at Donn’s Depot! (no joke)”-RJ



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