Slow It Down

“Put my soul in the music and find a different groove” Adam Hood

Are we in sensory overload?

With all the TiVo’s, XM Radio, Request Radio, Internet Radio Stations, Regular Radio Stations, Ipods, Podcasts, VideoCasts, Forums for people you like, Forums for people you don’t… are we moving too fast to be able to slow down and listen to the music? I was road tripping not too long ago with someone that was having a freakout session on their iPod… I don’t think we listened to one full song before they were moving to the next one.

You might say, “So what.. I like moving fast”. I’d have to say that I think you’re missing out on what music is all about. I’m reading Waylon’s autobiography and he talks about growing up in West Texas and pulling their truck up to the window to listen to the radio on Saturday nights. He says that every time his mom heard the song “Wreck of the Old ’97” she would have to go outside and cry. Now that’s really hearing music and the soul of what it is intended for and I doubt they had much distraction out in Littlefield, TX back then.

You can interpret things any way you want, but I believe there are people that God created that have the gift of singing and songwriting and those are the people I love to listen to. You’ll know who they are if you slow down and listen a little… Brad wrote a whole article about in his recent Brad’s corner. Check it out and don’t be duped by those just wanting to put out noise… like I said before, we have enough of that buzzing around us already.

Turn down the static of life, get a clear focus on a song and just listen,

Ryan "Tank" Hargrave

I'm a husband, father, traveler, a Light in the dark, lover of photography/film and I believe that good music can change your life.

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