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River Jam By the Bullets

* Josh Weathers is freakishly talented. He should be a household name along the likes of Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton or Justin Timberlake. The dude is unreal.

*People don’t come more genuine and real than Seth James.

*Haley Cole is fierce in every aspect of the word.

*K Phillips is a true artist and criminally underappreciated.

*The rain coming down during John Dempsy and Mike Stanley’s set was one of the most cool musical moments I’ve witnessed.

*The fact that people keep coming and artists get so much out of this event makes it all worthwhile.

*I’m glad The CoWrite boys were there to interview everyone…even some dummy they talked to first here. 

*Tim Murphy aka Crackers & Cucumbers is a photographic genius. The moments he captures are always perfect.

*RRIH and Floathouse have the best owners, people, staffs in Texas.

*Friday with Red was my first time back in Cheatham since the passing of Kent…I know he was smiling.

*Herbert’s salsa may be the best anywhere.

*Sitting in the water with friends is >>> than floating it down.

*Meeting people and watching fans network with their favorite bands is the best part of the weekend.

*I’m already ready for 2018.

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