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River Jam Artist Preview: Clayton Landua

Bands don’t last.  There are exceptions , but they are rare.  One band from this scene that made significant inroads was 6 Market Blvd.  Their music continues to resonate and influence some three years after they called it quits.  A few one-off reunion shows and a band members that have found other gigs aside, it’s been lead singer Clayton Landua who has been the most quiet. This is not uncommon for the unassumingly confident, ginger bearded singer/songwriter.  Landua had dreams and goals that were outside the realm of music, but has been unable to lay the guitar down for good.  He popped up at last year’s Rhymes & Vines for a set.  He’s continued to perform at Ray’s of Hope each year, and this week found him releasing a strong collection of new, original music. It’s more “14 Miles From Home” than “Ready to Throw”, but the vibe abides. Landua is a standout songwriter carving his own path and we’re ecstatic he will be joining us at River Jam once more.


Tickets:  River Jam Tickets

Performance date/time:  Sun July 30, 6PM.

Years at event:  Three

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