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I first encountered Allan Goodman about six years ago, not long after he’d moved to Texas from California.  I was managing and booking Kristen Kelly, and the Modern Day Drifter project was in a period of transition after the departure of Joe Churchill.  We were seeking a guy that could play guitar, sing backing and lead vocals and write songs.  We put the call out and I was immediately inundated with referrals.  Of the dozens of name that poured in, the one that came  most often and with the most clout due to the backing of Shannon Canada and Wade Bowen was one Allan Goodman.  I reached out to him and we set up a jam/rehearsal in San Marcos.

The moment I met Allan I felt like I’d already known him a lifetime.  He had bright blue eyes and a big, warm smile.  Even though I’d only corresponded with him via email, he didn’t reach out for a handshake upon us first meeting.  He opened his arms and went in for a hug.  Not a bro hug, but a legitimate hug like you’d lay on your grandmother.  Conversation flowed as easily in the first five minutes with AG as it often does with your closest friends.  That’s just how he was.

After the jam, we all decided that Allan was great, but probably too good for what we were looking for.  I encouraged him to keep doing his solo thing and filling in with other groups until he found the right fit.  And that he did.  He kept gigging away in various formations and in 2011 released his first record titled Days With You.  I reviewed that record HERE.  It was fresh and unique.  It was California-bred Americana inspired by Texas.  AG’s voice was original.  From 2011-2013, Allan played Greenfest in one incarnation or another.  Solo, trio and backing Adam Hood.

One story that typifies Allan Goodman’s character was at last year’s Greenfest.  On Saturday night, he was going to be playing bass for Adam Hood; but for the Sunday festivities I’d asked him to be a part of the acoustic song swap sets at Floathouse.  He was so excited.  I told him that we had put all the other groups together, but that he could put his own group together.  I encouraged him to select friends he wanted to play with and have fun with it.  AG was so humble, that I had to reassure him 5-6 times that he had complete creative control over his set and he should invite whoever he saw fit.  He wrestled with this.  He didn’t want anybody to be left out or get their feelings hurt if he didn’t include them, so he asked us to help him round out his set.  That was AG…always thinking of others before himself.  Always humble.

I’ll never forget the outpouring of love and support this music community showed at his benefit in 2012 at Billy’s Icehouse.  Benefits happen all the time in this music scene, but this one was different.  It had a special energy and vibe.  I attribute that to Allan.  He had a special energy and vibe.

I’ll forever cherish the conversations and interactions I had with Allan.  We talked about music, life, baseball, video games and more.  He loved his Halo and Angels.  Fitting, don’t you think?  We’re going to miss you Allan Goodman, but at least we all got to spend some days with you.  And your days with us will live on forever.  Godspeed mi amigo.

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