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The Red Dirt blogosphere has been abuzz with the exciting news, first broken by our friends at, that The Great Divide is reuniting for a gig headlining August’s College Days in Stillwater, OK. More info about the event will be posted HERE in the coming weeks.

The Great Divide were a revolutionary band. Their influence is still being felt across Oklahoma and Texas. The unique way they were able to mix lyrics that told a story with rock-infused country is still a blueprint that many bands are using. They had songs about raising hell, rejoicing in grace, falling in love, falling out of love and the hell that’s life on the road. They knocked open new venue doors for original music, kicked the tires in Nashville before it was a hip thing to do and made a collection of the finest albums to ever come out in this scene they helped foster.

You should pick up all their albums. In honor of their reunion, we’ve assembled a playlist of our favorite Great Divide songs. These tracks are must-owns, and look for one to end up on The Drop soon!

Yesterday Road
Break in the Storm
Out of Here Tonight
Days Go
Billy Covington
Dodgers Were in Brooklyn
Never Could
Mary Hold On
Round That Bend
San Isabella
Pour Me a Vacation

What’s your favorite Great Divide song? Will you be in attendance at College Days?


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