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Rays of Hope Golf Tournament

A few years back, some guys in the northern Hill Country hamlet of Gatesville got together to organize a golf tournmanet in honor of longtime resident Ray Sommerfeld who passed away after battling cancer.  The proceeds from this tournament go to help local folks dealing with cancer.  Clayton Landua of Six Market Blvd grew up nearby and was an early supporter of the tournament.  About four years ago, William Clark Green, jumped on board an has taken de facto ownership of the musical portion of the event.  Concerts and golf tournaments are a great part of our scene.  Wade Bowen’s Classic, Randy Rogers’ Sake of the Shot and more.  They all serve the purpose of serving the community while having a good time.  Rays of Hope is no different.  William Clark Green says, “It all started with Clayton Landua from 6 Market Blvd asking me to be a part of it years ago. I enjoyed it so much that first year…we just kept coming back.”

We’ll have a Galleywinter team out there this year featuring myself and Ike Turner Ballou…and we will be enjoying the music as well.  I hope you can join us!
For more info call the phone numbers below or visit:  https://www.facebook.com/RaysOfHopeGatesville/




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