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{Review} Quaker City Night Hawks, It Sure as Hell Ain’t Indy Country.

Alright, I’m going to refer you to some shit you need to know about if you haven’t drank the kool-aid already. If you dig the soulful, greasy, swamp rock blues as I do the new record by the Quaker City Night Hawks new release Honcho is for you. If you’re still listening to Indy Country then allow me to expand your ears to something authentic.  I have been anticipating this release since I was introduced to QCNH music by Kevin Galloway and Hal Jon Vorphal of Uncle Lucius.

My recommended tracks are  as follows:

“Fox in the Hen House” because it immediately puts you in the groove for the full Hawks experience. It has all the ingredients of a kick ass tune.

“Cast the Line” has a very Creedence, Lodi feel to it. Makes me want to run or skip (whatever feels right) through a field of Sunflowers with a cape on.

“Rattlesnake Boogie” has that Ray Wylie strut to it. I believe Ray would approve.

I have to like “Greasy Night” because I understand the concept of greasy all encompassingly.

“Yellow Rose” makes me want to sway back and forth with my West Texas lady friend.

I’m no writer here. I’m no album reviewer. I’m just a dude who likes to shake a leg and smoke one if you got it. Get this record. It’s rock and roll.


“Well I know how to spend my money. I spend it fast as I can.” – 



5 Responses to “{Review} Quaker City Night Hawks, It Sure as Hell Ain’t Indy Country.”

  1. Those were literally the exact words I was planning to say when I reviewed this. You beat me to it. I guess I shouldn’t have put it off!

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  2. Jon Paul "Hogleg" Long February 21, 2013

    You can copy and paste it and sign your name to it. I don’t care as long as we agree. haha

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  3. INCREDIBLE stuff…thanks for a great review. It’s on repeat since I read this! (Could’ve swore that was Lincoln Durham on “Crack at the Bottle” for a second there on the first few lyrics) What a great band.

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  4. Good call Hogleg, just downloaded and already diggin it

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